Laura Ingraham Calls Out Lawmaker For Going Turncoat

According to reports, Laura Ingraham of Fox News blasted Ohio Republican Rep. Mike Turner for joining Democrats to kill two amendments that would have eliminated funding for DEI (diversity, equality, inclusion) programs inside the Defense Department’s budget. Turner is a regular on Fox’s shows.

The bills were rejected by the House Armed Services Committee by a vote of 30 to 29, with Rep. Don Bacon of Nebraska and  Turner being the sole Republicans to vote against them.

According to Ingraham, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) offered an amendment to remove the Pentagon’s top diversity officer. It was ultimately successful, but his goal was to have all DEI education and training cut off from public funding. He claims that Republicans and Democrats worked together to kill that amendment.

According o a report, the ability of the United States military to fight, prevent, and win wars is being undermined by internal problems

The concept of colorblindness, which has been proven effective in the military, is being eroded. If this tendency continues, the safety of our country will be in jeopardy. It would not be expensive to reverse course.  All that would be needed is a shift in policy and some adjustments to existing training programs.

The report explains that selflessness, the key to the warrior values for decades, necessitates the capacity to put oneself and one’s subgroup identification behind that of one’s teammates and to see ethnic and racial variations among teammates as irrelevant. We all bleed red” and “We’re all green” were part of the Army and Marines’ training that turned millions of people from different backgrounds into soldiers.

The phrase “colorblind” is considered disrespectful at the United States Air Force Academy, where cadets are instead encouraged to be color cognizant. The Pentagon maintains an unhealthy obsession with racial demography and places undue emphasis on ethnicity rather than teaching future military commanders that “colorblindness” is a cultural requirement. Worse, racial considerations are used in officer recruitment processes and sometimes in choices for higher ranks, training, and promotions. 

This kind of behavior is not only illegal and contrary to military ethics, but it also undermines important cultural values inside the military, such as teamwork and the selfless servant-warrior mindset.