Lawmaker Predicts Big Fight In U.S. Senate

( Democrat Senator for Rhode Island Sheldon Whitehouse predicted an incoming storm over carbon pricing, saying there will be a “big fight” about carbon pricing. Nonetheless, he said that he thinks legislators will still be able to make progress on the issue sometime this year.

Carbon pricing affects the price of fossil fuels and energy. By making traditional fuels more expensive, clean energy becomes more competitive. That’s good for the green energy industry, but it’s bad for Americans who will be forced to pay substantially more for their energy across the board.

Naturally, Republicans are going to oppose carbon pricing pretty strongly, but Democrats are obsessed with pushing the Green New Deal or anything similar to it, meaning there’s going to be a fight in the Senate.

Senator Whitehouse said that there will likely be arguments over the role that the Senate ultimately plays, given that the push for increasing the cost of fossil fuels is coming directly from the White House.

When asked whether there was any kind of carbon pricing bill that Senator Joe Manchin, the party’s swing voter, will support, Senator Whitehouse said it was “too early to tell.”

Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia knows that standing with the Democrats on their most far-left policies will likely cost him his seat, and so is generally opposed to much of the Democrats’ extremists agendas – including the push to remove the Senate filibuster.

“I think at the end of the day the answer is yes, but we have to get to the end of the day,” Senator Whitehouse said about winning over Joe Manchin with a carbon pricing bill that he could throw his weight behind.

Whitehouse added that there are many Democrats in the Senate who see now as their moment to shine, as if the Democrats lose the House and Senate in 2022, and lose the presidency in 2024, it could be all over.

Let’s hope so…