Liberal News Host Attacks Kamala Harris For Abandoning America

( Remember how Vice President Kamala Harris was meant to be working with South American countries to address the “root causes” of illegal immigration?

Well, she’s done such a terrible job that even the left-wing press is calling her out on it.

Stephanie Ruhle, a news anchor at MSNBC, called out Vice President Harris for totally abandoning her role as “border czar” after video footage was revealed showing camps of tens of thousands of illegal aliens sitting underneath a bridge in Del Rio, Texas, at the United States-Mexico border.

Just look at this:

During a segment on her show, Ruhle asked, “how about the message from our vice president, where is she?”

Now, to be clear, these news anchors don’t appear to be concerned about the danger such a huge influx of illegal aliens and criminals over the border poses to Americans. Instead, Ruhle appears to be concerned about the welfare of the people who chose to leave a safe country and cross the border illegally and wait for border patrol agents to process them and set them free into the United States.

Ruhle slammed Harris, noting that she was “supposed to be in charge” of the issues and visiting Northern Triangle countries “that are obviously not Haiti.” The comment was significant as many of the people now arriving at the border are from Haiti.

Not only has Harris abandoned her role as border czar, but she also appears to be refusing to question exactly how these people are traveling thousands of miles and who paid for the trip.

Surely somebody has to be behind this?

Watch the segment here:

Just how many more millions of illegal aliens will settle in the United States in the remaining three years of Joe Biden’s presidency?