Liberal Star Freaks Out After FBI Refuses To Comment On January 6th Involvement

( Left-wing TV personality Nicola Wallace of MSNBC recently asked why the FBI isn’t taking steps to stop what she called the spread of January 6 “conspiracy theories.” On Wednesday, the left-wing agitator displayed her ignorance of what happened on January 6, 2021, by questioning why news anchors and media personalities aren’t being stopped from telling the truth about the riot.

During a segment, Wallace talked about the story of Ray Epps, a man who was caught on camera on January 5 last year telling protesters that they should enter the Capitol Building the next day. He was also seen whispering in the ears of men at the edge of a barricade with the palace, right before those men charged at police officers and jumped over the barricade.

Despite clearly inspiring the riot – perhaps more than anybody – Ray Epps was taken off the FBI watch list and has not been charged with any crimes. During a recent Senate hearing, Senator Ted Cruz asked a representative of the FBI to confirm whether or not Epps was working for the federal agency, to which he received the response, “I can’t answer that question.”

It’s something that news anchors including Fox’s Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity have reported on in-depth, but Wallace is unhappy that people are talking about it.

Wallace criticized Cruz and Carlson for asking questions about Epps, and then wrongly claimed that the Make America Great Again base is willing to accept lies as truth.

“Frank, when I was young I watched Schoolhouse Rock, how a bill becomes a lie, and I am now intent on understanding how a lie becomes a truth to the MAGA base,” she wrote.

Did she miss the part about Ray Epps not being charged, despite literally inciting a riot in the Capitol Building? Do they want to discover the truth behind this riot or not?

“But I want to understand, Frank, in your view, what this case is about, and what it isn’t about, and how it gets so much life? Is there more that the FBI can do to knock these stories down before they take hold in front of so many people?” she continued.

Just how delusional are people like Wallace? Or does she genuinely believe that the FBI needs to crack down on people asking important questions like this?