Libs Of TikTok Account Owner Gets Death Threat

( Last week, the odious Taylor Lorenz exposed the identity of the woman behind the popular Twitter account Libs of TikTok from the pages of the Washington Post. And within no time, a Twitter user posted an overt death threat against her that Twitter Safety said did not violate the company’s policies.

The tweet in question, which included Libs of TikTok’s real name and a photo of someone holding a rifle, read: “ASSASSINATION MODE ACTIVATED. ACTIVATED WORD: LIBS OF TIKTOK. TARGET: (her reach name). BEGIN OPERATION.”

Libs of TikTok reported the tweet to Twitter Support. But last Thursday, she tweeted a screen capture of both the threatening tweet and Twitter Support’s email letting her know the tweet didn’t violate its policies. Libs of TikTok tweeted that an assassination threat won’t get someone suspended, but “stating biological facts” will.

If you recall, The Babylon Bee was permanently suspended in March for “hateful conduct” over a tweet announcing that Richard “Rachel” Levine, Biden’s Trans Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services, had been selected as the Bee’s “Man of the Year.”

The outrage over Twitter’s refusal to remove a clear death threat may have had an effect. By Friday, the account that tweeted the threat was no longer available on the platform.

In addition to sending death threats toward the creator of Libs of TikTok, Taylor Lorenz’s idiotic doxing article also subjected a California stay-at-home mom to death threats as well – all because she had the same name.

Despite the vitriol and threats she unleashed on both her intended target and others, Taylor Lorenz continues to portray herself as the hero in this sordid tale. What’s more, she has spent the last week moaning and complaining about the “attacks” against her for her supposed “journalism.”

In the end, however, Taylor Lorenz’s vicious attempt to put Libs of TikTok’s life in danger may have backfired on the hateful “journalist.”

By Tuesday, Libs of TikTok had exceeded one million followers on Twitter.

Tweeting a screen capture of the auspicious milestone, Libs of TikTok offered thanks to both Taylor Lorenz and the Washington Post for helping her get there.