Little Boy’s Suicide Linked To Bullying Over Vaccination Status

( According to a lawsuit filed against the Latin School of Chicago, a 15-year-old student identified as N.B. committed suicide on January 13th after bullies disseminated a false rumor that he was unvaccinated.
The lawsuit, filed by the N.B.’s parents, Robert and Rosellene Bronstein, accuses school authorities of “willful failure” to address bullying after receiving many complaints from the child and his family. The school, several workers, and the parents of the accused bullies are all included in the case, which was filed in Cook County. The suit claims N.B. was “tormented on a regular basis.”
The lawsuit claims that a pupil at the school, whose parents are implicated in the case, falsely claimed that N.B. was unvaccinated, despite being vaccinated. He was cyberbullied in a group text message thread by members of the junior varsity basketball team and on the social media platform Snapchat, where a student sent a Snapchat message to the boy encouraging him to kill himself. The lawsuit also claims N.B. was told by a teacher in front of his class that he was going nowhere in life.
The parents claim their son asked for help at the school, but none of the bullies were punished. From October to November, his mother phoned the school approximately 30 times. She expressed her concern that her son may injure himself.

The accusations were deemed baseless by Latin School of Chicago in their statement regarding the lawsuit. While It expressed great sorrow over the loss of one of its pupils, it pledged to “vigorously defend” itself. The school added that the claims of impropriety by their administrators are incorrect and misplaced. They also claimed the instructors and staff at the school are compassionate individuals who prioritize the needs of kids, as they did in this case.

The lawsuit seeks a total amount of $100,000,000. The Bronsteins stated that any proceeds from the case would be donated to anti-bullying groups.

Latin School of Chicago has well-known alumni. Former first lady Nancy Reagan, former United States Supreme Court Justice John Marshall Harlan II, and other public personalities among them.