Liz Cheney Moves To Blame Trump Partly For Afghanistan Withdrawal Order By Biden

( Fake conservative Rep. Liz Cheney, the Republican representative for Wyoming who famously voted to impeach former President Donald Trump, is desperately trying to make Biden’s disastrous handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal Trump’s fault.

And it’s not working.

On Sunday, Cheney said that there is “no question” that Biden could have instead chosen to renege on the agreement made by former President Donald Trump with the Taliban, and kept U.S. forces in the country instead. She made the comments during an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” and criticized the deal that was negotiation by former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as a “surrender agreement.”

The deal and the Trump plan for withdrawal, however, did not pan out under Biden’s leadership.

Cheney said that Pompeo said that the Taliban would renounce al Qaeda, and that it would fight terrorists. She described how she believes the U.S. government undermined the Afghanistan national government by forcing them to release 5,000 prisoners, and added that President Biden should have reversed course.

What she didn’t acknowledge, however, is that former President Donald Trump simply being in office was deterrent enough for the Taliban to breach the terms of the agreement. The former president named the village where the family of the Taliban’s leader lived and said that if they renege on the agreement, it will be the first place that he bombs.

President Joe Biden, however, made no such threats and make terrible strategic decisions. Not only did Biden not bomb American-made forts in the country before leaving, but he also left behind billions of dollars of American military equipment, including aircraft, for the Taliban to use against us.

Cheney said that Biden ignored the advice of his military leaders and decided to withdraw, and instead of making Trump look bad, she succeeded in revealing just how incompetent President Biden is.

Cheney, who is likely to lose the Republican primary for her seat before the 2022 midterms, called for the United States to maintain a permanent military presence in Afghanistan.