Liz Cheney Wants Criminal Prosecution For Trump

( According to Republican Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, the case for prosecuting former President Donald Trump was stronger following Tuesday’s meeting of the House select committee looking into the Capitol intrusion on January 6, 2021.

Cheney tweeted a piece by anti-Trump journalist David French with the heading “The Case for Prosecuting Donald Trump Just Got Much Stronger” in a tweet on Tuesday.
French praised Cassidy Hutchinson, a former White House employee, for her “courageous testimony” against Trump in the story on The Dispatch.

According to French, even if Trump might not be prosecuted, Hutchinson made it possible to connect the previous president’s acts to those of the demonstrators who entered the Capitol.

She gave the most astonishing congressional testimony I’ve ever seen. She stated that the president sought to grasp the steering wheel of his Secret Service car because he was determined to walk to the Capitol with his followers. She portrayed a completely out-of-control president who was so dedicated to holding onto his position of authority that he supported the riot and thought Mike Pence deserved to be subject to mob justice. However, a few crucial witness fragments included the most critical legal testimony:

“Hutchinson alleges she heard Trump say, ‘You know, I don’t effing care if they have guns,’ regarding the audience. They don’t intend to harm me. Remove the effing magazines. Embrace my folks. From here, they can march to the Capitol. Allow the crowd in. Take away the effing magazines.

French’s evidence “closes a gap in the criminal case against Trump, and Trump is closer than ever to a viable prosecution.”

Trump cannot be charged by the committee Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, established on January 6. Justice would be responsible for that.

However, according to The Hill, Cheney, one of the two anti-Trump Republicans on the Democratic-led panel, and others appear to view this as an opportunity to build the basis for the Justice Department to file criminal charges against the former president.
Cheney’s retweet on Tuesday evening will fuel more rumors that the panel intends to advise the Justice Department to take that action, the source claimed.

The representative reportedly gave Hutchinson a big embrace later because she was so happy with what she had heard on Tuesday.

The former Mark Meadows assistant detailed what Trump allegedly did as the Capitol pandemonium broke out in testimony that included accounts Hutchinson claimed she heard from other people.

According to a source on CNN, Trump and his chief of staff were informed of the potential for violence and armed demonstrators.

Trump, according to her, attempted to leave the White House and head to the Capitol.
Hutchinson’s testimony, according to CNN, “confirmed for the first time that those surrounding Trump had advance knowledge of this plan.” It was previously known that Trump planned to visit the Capitol.

When he was stopped, according to Hutchinson, he attempted to take the presidential limousine’s steering wheel and then went for a Secret Service agent’s throat.

However, a Secret Service agent has refuted that.

Tony Ornato, the former White House deputy chief of staff, denied informing Trump White House adviser Cassidy Hutchinson that the previous President seized the wheel or an agent on his detail, according to a Secret Service person familiar with the situation, according to CNN.

The Jan. 6 committee appears determined to use Hutchinson’s evidence as a basis for the prosecution of the former president, despite some aspects of her testimony being contested or refuted.