MAGA Million March Founder Has Had His Phone Record Subpoenaed

( After a year-long battle, Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 Committee dropped its subpoena for MAGA Million March founder Ali Alexander’s phone records, according to The Gateway Pundit. Alexander reportedly organized the Stop the Steal rally at the Ellipse on January 6, 2021, where then-President Donald Trump spoke to a crowd of one million people in Washington, D.C.

Alexander updated the situation in a statement, saying that his Washington, D.C. attorney, Paul Kamenar, informed him that the subpoena, which was issued over a year ago, was dropped. He claims that they must not have found any wrongdoing on the part of his peaceful organizing.

He mentioned that the committee also dropped a subpoena that was issued to one of his supporters earlier this year who participated in the rally and helped hand out “stop the steal” signs.

Alexander says that the subpoena was for him to testify before the select committee in December 2021 for eight hours, which was one of the longest testimonies to date. The subpoena also demanded that he testify before a Grand Jury this past summer for more than three hours. He asserts that he did nothing wrong and was only exercising his First Amendment right to protest what he calls a fraudulent election.

“This witch hunt has cost me much time and my life savings to fight these cases,” he said, adding that he is also being sued by D.C. police officers who are being “coaxed” by a progressive law firm, adding that while they experienced injuries on January 6, he never even went inside the Capitol and encouraged others not to.

House Republicans will take control of the lower chamber in the incoming 118th Congress in January 2023, and Alexander suggests that the January 6 investigation be investigated itself. He also boasts about beating Nancy Pelosi in court.