Man Reportedly Committed Suicide in Encounter with Police

( An 18-year-old Madison Wisconsin man took his own life on Sunday after police received a report from a woman that a man was threatening a murder-suicide.

According to Madison Police, officers arrived at the 18-year-old’s home on Sunday afternoon where they and members of his family attempted to de-escalate the situation. The armed man then fled into the basement with two officers following after him. While in the basement, one of the officers fired a shot. Though the bullet did not strike the unnamed 18-year-old or anyone else, the armed suspect then turned his gun on himself and fired.

According to Madison Police Sgt. Matthew Baker, the two officers immediately began lifesaving efforts, adding “They did everything they could. It was a fatal gunshot.”

The officer who fired the shot was placed on administrative leave while the Department of Criminal Investigations along with the Wisconsin State Patrol investigates the incident.

In a press conference on Sunday night, Madison police chief Shon Barnes said he couldn’t provide further information on what prompted the officer to shoot. He would not say if the man pointed his weapon at officers or threatened them in any way. Barnes said the incident is being treated like any other officer-involved shooting and the DCI is investigating. The officer, who was not identified, has been with the Madison Police for about three years.

According to a press release from the Department of Justice, the DCI is reviewing the evidence and will determine the facts of the incident before turning over its report to the Dane County District Attorney’s Office.

Madison Police do not know the relationship between the 18-year-old man and the person he was threatening. However, they did confirm that the 911 caller was female.