Marine LePen Takes Frontrunner Lead In New Poll

( Marine Le Pen, the French presidential candidate and leader of the National Rally party, has taken the lead in the French presidential election polls. Her rising popularity comes after coming second in several presidential races before now, and as the nation’s center-right candidate plummets in the polls.

Le Pen, who is often maligned as a “far-right” candidate, leads the best-known populist party in France. Her platform focuses on restricting immigration and protecting French interests. In other words, she’s a French Donald Trump.

Polls published this week show how Le Pen’s party National Rally is now in second place, ahead of candidates Valerie Pecresse and Eric Zemmour.

One poll from Harris Interactive puts Zemmour in third place with 15.5% support nationally, and Pecresse in fourth place with 13.5%. Le Pen is second with 17% of the vote and controversial French President Emmanuel Macron is at 24%.

The way French presidential elections works means that these numbers are likely to change. After the first round of voting, the top two candidates enter into a second election, whereby one must take a majority of the vote to become the president.

In past elections, Le Pen has fallen short after entering the second round of the elections, with left-wing voters all siding with Emmanuel Macron and against Le Pen. However, each time Le Pen runs, she increases her share of the vote.

She will, however, have a fight on her hands this time around to get into the second round of voting, with some polls showing that she was neck-and-neck with Pecresse for second place.

Le Pen is also struggling this time around to gain the endorsement of hundreds of government officials to make her candidacy legitimate. On Tuesday, she suspended her campaign while focusing on efforts to gain that support and continue her presidential run.

This could get interesting.