Mark Levin Says Institutions Will Collapse After Supreme Court Leak

( During a recent episode of his show “Life, Liberty, and Levin,” host Mark Levin attacked the individual who leaked a draft opinion from the Supreme Court in a case that may potentially overturn the 1973 landmark ruling Roe v. Wade. Levin described the activities as a “grave attack” on the institution during Tuesday’s appearance on “Fox & Friends.”

Levin said that this is what happens when you conduct yourself in a completely illegal manner, assaulting the institutions of this nation, attacking the foundational papers of this country, and destroying the history of this country: you get lawlessness.

The constitutionalist said that it’s only a matter of time before it happens. All of these institutions are on the verge of collapsing. This is a severe affront to the Supreme Court’s authority.

Levin described how he worked as an intern for Chief Justice Warren Burger when attending law school. He was there and saw how it ran, and he can assure you that this institution takes its obligations of secrecy seriously.

Because that is the official currency of the realm, explains Levin. The justices must be allowed to discuss their opinions openly. They must be able to debate this without being swayed by political pressure.

Levin rhetorically asks, why do we think these are appointments for life?

The show host declared that the Democratic Party was wreaking havoc on our country. He said to take, for example, the justice confirmation procedures. Bork was the beginning of it all. The Democrats targeted him under Sen. Ted Kennedy and Biden, and they will continue to pursue him and others, including Clarence Thomas and Kavanaugh, in the future.

Republicans do not approach Democratic presidential hopefuls in this manner. They may object to them, but they get confirmed.

Levin concluded by saying that when you claim that the Supreme Court does not look like the United States, you are eroding the legitimacy of the institution.