Mark Zuckerberg’s Ally Once Called An Election “Illegitimate” After Mail-In Ballots Went Missing

( Remember the story of Facebook handing out huge sums of money in grants to election influence groups that pushed unconstitutional changes to the voting system during the 2020 presidential election? Well, it turns out that one of the leaders of one of these groups – the Center for Tech and Civic Life – has previously declared an election illegitimate over issues with mail-in voter applications.

Jordan Anderson, the Quality Assurance Associate at the organization, which had a substantial impact in the 2020 election, appeared to suggest that the 2018 midterm elections were illegitimate because of problems with mail-in votes – which was something his organization advocated during the last presidential race.

“There’s been something wrong with my Mpls absentee ballot packet for the 3 out of the last 4 elections…Ramsey County would never,” he wrote.

He also claimed that Georgia’s 2018 midterm elections had “zero legitimacy” after Georgia Democrats admitted the election officials lost track of some 4,700 vote-by-mail applications that came from DeKalb County, a 55% black region at the time.

So he can claim elections have no legitimacy when he thinks the mail-in voting system – and the many inherent flaws that come with it – might have impacted the Democrats’ share of the vote? Interesting.

Anderson’s organization was one of the main recipients of cash grants from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative in the last election. The group was widely accused of using the money to secure a Democrat win in 2020, by heavily pushing mail-in ballots. Hundreds of millions of dollars were utilized by the organization to increase turnout in Democrat areas, too, while Republican areas were left totally ignored.

See his archived tweet about Georgia’s 2018 election here.

And if you were thinking how we already know he’s a Democrat…on June 16, 2019, he tweeted an image of a glass of beer and a mountain landscape, along with the tagline:

“I have beer and mountains and I’ve only seen one trump sticker in this town so life is good.”

So, if Democrats getting funding from Facebook to advocate mail-in ballots can say elections are not legitimate based on misconduct, why can’t former President Donald Trump?