“Marvel” Star Shares Photo Showing His Injuries

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Actor Jeremy Renner suffered a terrible accident and was hurt during the New Year’s holiday when his 14,330-pound snowcat equipment drove over him while attempting to assist a stranded family member.

The only trauma hospital in the area, Renown Regional Medical Center, was where Renner was taken by helicopter from his house in Reno, Nevada. There, it was discovered that he had sustained traumatic chest injuries. “He has recovered after surgery and will stay in the intensive care unit in critical but stable condition,” a spokeswoman for Renner said.

Renner released a snapshot of his recuperation progress this past weekend. Renner is seen lying in a hospital inside his home.

Renner wanted to “thank EVERYONE for their kindness and care. I love and appreciate you all very much. Just as the love and relationship with family and friends become stronger, these more than 30 fractured bones will heal.”

It was a lot worse than anyone realizes. He has already had two operations, and the insider predicted that he would need more for his leg in the coming weeks. As is the case here, doctors often spread out procedures to give the body time to begin its healing process.

One person close to Renner said, “Jeremy is quite cognizant of the fact that he nearly killed out there.”

When Renner went to get the snowplow, a family member was driving a vehicle trapped in the snow after the region had received 3 feet of snow the previous evening. After successfully removing the automobile, the two-time Oscar nominee actor exited the plow and saw that it started to move. He attempted to stop the plow by leaping behind the driver’s seat, but in a bizarre accident, he slipped, went under, and was crushed.

Jeremy’s upper body collapsed, and the right half of his chest caved in. He also suffered a broken leg and a bleeding head wound. Jeremy’s chest needed to be surgically rebuilt due to the extent of the damage. Renner underwent many operations.

According to one source, Jeremy is doing OK. He is rather drugged up and is breathing via tubes, but he is a warrior and will overcome everything.