Mary Trump Idiotically Declares Ron DeSantis Is “Homicidal”

( Mary Trump, former President Donald Trump’s bitter niece who turned to CNN and the left-wing press during the 2020 presidential election to sell a book that made serious and unsubstantiated claims against her uncle, is now courting controversy by wrongly claiming Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a “homicidal sociopath.”

Last week, Mary Trump tweeted that it’s time for the press to “start referring to DeSantis as a homicidal sociopath instead of a savvy politician,” without backing up her inaccurate claim.

In what universe can Governor DeSantis be accurately described as homicidal?

Isn’t that defamation?

In another tweet, Trump doubled down on her claim, and posted a photograph of a person in the Intensive Care Unit. She said that it’s “horrifying” to know that there are tens of millions of Americans who believe that being in ICU is a “reasonable price to pay” to avoid wearing a mask or getting a “free, readily available vaccine.”

What Trump didn’t say, however, is that those tens of millions of Americans don’t want to be in ICU any more than those who have taken the vaccine.

Did she not consider the possibility that people have genuine concerns about the vaccine?

Governor DeSantis has become the prime target for Democrats in the wake of President Joe Biden taking office. Many believe that DeSantis could be the Republican 2024 presidential nominee, or that he will become the candidate after President Trump takes another shot. He has also become the face of anti-mandate politics, opposing mask and vaccine mandates being implemented by President Joe Biden and Democratic governors all over the country.

It’s no wonder that Mary Trump is going after DeSantis.

It gets her Twitter follows and slots on left-wing TV news stations.