Matt Gaetz Announces Brand New Rally

( Over the weekend, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz announced that he and Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene would be holding an “America First Rally” this coming Friday, in Mesa, Arizona.

“Join me and true fighter @mtgreenee in Mesa, Arizona on Friday, May 21,” Gaetz tweeted out on Sunday with the hashtag #americafirstrallytour.

Gaetz and Greene have been leading the fight in the House of Representatives to keep the Republicans focused on the America First agenda that launched Donald Trump into the White House.

Currently Arizona is Ground Zero in the ongoing concerns over voting irregularities and fraud during the 2020 election. Maricopa County’s election audit has grown contentious with the Board of Supervisors clashing with the Arizona State Senate.

Deputy Assistant Attorney General Pamela Karlan waded into the Maricopa audit on the invitation of Arizona’s Democrat Secretary of State – a move many criticized as politically-driven.

Just the News reported yesterday that Gaetz sent a letter to Pamela Karlan demanding that she, and the Department of Justice, affirm their commitment to election integrity in Arizona. This letter was also signed by Greene, along with Arizona Representatives Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar.

The letter disputes many of the claims Karlan made about the Maricopa audit and also cites the unexplained deletion of the database of election results discovered last week.

“The apparent deliberate deletion of the election management system prior to the information being transferred to the independent auditors, runs afoul of Arizona election law.” Gaetz writes. “That deletion happened long before the audit began.”

Criticizing Karlan for interfering with the audit, Gaetz writes, “You also intimate that the independent auditor’s plan to investigate whether questionable voter registrations correspond to the purported voter might equate to voter intimidation, when in reality the very letter you sent to Senator Fann is an attempt at intimidation, with the goal of convoluting this important audit.”

The letter urges Karlan to uphold her duty “to preserve Americans’ civil rights and support this audit” rather than “trying to meddle in it.”

No doubt this letter along with the ongoing Maricopa audit will feature prominently in Friday’s upcoming rally in Mesa.

The event will be held in the ballroom of Delta Hotels by Marriott Phoenix Mesa beginning at 6:30 on the 21st. Attendees can register for tickets at