Matt Gaetz Being Targeted After Using Government Resources For His Own Investigation

( Matt Gaetz is once again the target of the press, but this time it’s not for baseless allegations that he engaged in sex trafficking. Instead, it’s the result of the actions of Joel Greenberg, an associate of the Florida congressman who pleaded guilty to sex trafficking in 2020. Reports suggest that Greenberg used a restricted state database to access information about hundreds of people, which is against the law.

While using the Driver and Vehicle Information Database, which is known as “DAVID,” Greenberg access social security numbers, birth dates, signatures, addresses, and other information of unsuspecting people between 2017 and 2020. Greenberg was able to access the information as a result of working as a local tax collector.

According to the Seminole County Tax Collector’s Office, investigations are still determining who was searched by Greenberg during this time, and that his actions were not condoned by the DAVID database. Alan Byrd, a spokesperson from the office, added that they are implementing new systems to ensure that this personal information is not illegally accessed by local tax officials again.

Byrd also said that it’s possible that some of the searches performed were legitimate, with the chances being that some were simply an effort to find out if somebody’s driving license was still valid.

The inappropriate searched were only discovered after a public records request was made by the Florida Center for Government Accountability, which revealed Greenberg’s actions during his time on the job.

It’s resulted in a barrage of comment requests from the media to Congressman Matt Gaetz’s office, though there is no evidence yet that Gaetz was directly or indirectly involved with the searches.

According to prosecutors, Greenberg is guilty of recruiting women for prostitution, and paid them over $70,000 for sex work between 2016 and 2018. He also pleaded guilty to paying at least one underage girl to engage in sex with him and other people.

Gaetz’s office has not responded to multiple requests from various left-wing media outlets.