Matt Gaetz Says Republicans Who Support McCarthy Benefit From Special Interest Money

( There’s a big battle going on within the Republican Party in the House, with current Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy angling to become Speaker of the House come January.

There are some within the GOP, though, that believe a change in leadership is needed at the top, which has prevented McCarthy from securing the necessary votes for Speaker just yet.

One such person who’s against McCarthy is Florida Representative Matt Gaetz, who said recently that those who are backing the minority leader for Speaker “benefit” from special interest money.

Gaetz said that he won’t be supporting McCarthy for the Speaker position. He wrote an op-ed for the Daily Caller recently, saying that McCarthy has “no ideology,” while also calling him Cavin’ McCarthy.

In speaking with reporters from the Daily Caller at the AmericaFest conference hosted by Turning Point USA recently, Gaetz said:

“I’m not voting for Kevin McCarthy, because I think he’s just a shill of the establishment. I think that Kevin McCarthy is little more than a vessel through which lobbyists and special interests operate.

“The reason most of my Republican colleagues are supporting him is because they benefit from the redistribution of lobbyist and special interest money through McCarthy to their campaign accounts. The bottom line is, that’s not going to work anymore.”

The House needs a new leader at the top, Gaetz said, and a person like Ohio Representative Jim Jordan seems like he would be that guy. Recently, Gaetz took to Twitter to express his belief that Jordan should try to seek the speakership role.

He tweeted:

“We need someone like Jim Jordan as the speaker of the House, who can cast a vision and who has the trust and confidence of the people across the spectrum in the House.”

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Gaetz doubled down on that, tweeting:

“All I want for Christmas is @Jim_Jordan to realize he should be Speaker of the House!”


“Merry Christmas to all! Make sure to join me in encouraging @Jim_Jordan to seek the Speakership :)”

Jordan, who’s been the head of the Judiciary Committee in the House, hasn’t indicated as of yet whether he would be interested in becoming speaker.

The official vote for who will be the Speaker of the House during Congress’ next term will be held early in the new year.

In the meantime, McCarthy is scrambling to try to garner enough votes among his Republican colleagues to secure the position for himself. To do so, he’s had to make a number of concessions to certain people, according to a recent CNN report.

One breakthrough in those negotiations was McCarthy’s willingness to create a new committee that would investigate all activity of the federal government, looking into whether there is political partisanship at various agencies, such as the Department of Justice and FBI.

That committee would essentially consolidate all the different potential probes into the Biden administration that various Republicans have suggested so far.