Matt Gaetz Will Vote “No” On Banning Russian Oil Imports

( Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz wrote an op-ed for The National Pulse insisting that he will vote “no” to President Joe Biden’s proposals to end oil imports from Russia.

“As I travel today to America’s southern border, my fellow lawmakers in both parties are obsessed over 150,000 Russians moving on Ukraine. It’s about the same number of illegal aliens that move into our country. Monthly,” he writes.

Gaetz told readers that he is more concerned about American borders than he is Ukraine’s borders, and said that he makes no apologies for loving his neighbors more than Russia’s.

Gaetz argued that Biden’s plan to replace Russian oil imports with Venezuelan oil imports – or even Iranian oil – is foolish and needless, and that such a move would make Americans less safe. His compassion for the Ukrainians, he said, won’t force him to hurt his own people.

It’s a good point, isn’t it? Why is President Joe Biden happier to take oil from dictators in Venezuela and Iran, but not in Russia? What makes Venezuela any better than Russia?

“Biden hates American energy so much he would open energy production in Venezuela and Iran before Colorado and North Dakota. America Last, for sure,” he added.

Gaetz argued that hard-working Americans shouldn’t be forced to pay more for gas to support Khameini or Maduro over Putin.

What do you think…is Russian oil a necessary evil?

Or should Biden just start drilling more at home, instead?

Read Gaetz’s full piece here.