Maxine Waters Makes Insane Claim About Republicans

( Rep. Maxine Waters made a verifiably untrue claim during a segment on “News 1 Los Angeles” this week, suggesting that Republicans don’t care about rogue cops who she claims are targeting non-white people.

It’s an insane suggestion, given that Republican legislators shared many of the same concerns Democrats had over the death of Goerge Floyd last year. It’s also ludicrous in that the nation’s police officers are overwhelmingly not using their power to kill non-white people.

It’s just…untrue.

Speaking about the “George Floyd Justice in Policing Act,” a piece of Democrat legislation that demonizes America’s police officers and will make it harder for law enforcement to arrest criminals, Waters said that Republicans and Democrats have so far failed to agree on what provisions should be implemented under the proposed law.

She added that there’s “one issue” that is in the middle of the controversy, which is the issue of qualified immunity – something even Republicans have frequently discussed reforming. Republican libertarian Senator for Kentucky Rand Paul even introduced a bill in June of last year to end no-knock warrants (following the Breanna Taylor case) and to limit qualified immunity to make it easier to sue police officers who abuse their powers.

He’s done more than many Democrats to reform the nation’s policing in a positive way.

But despite this, Waters claimed that there is a disagreement between Democrats and Republicans on “how we view our responsibilities to all of the people.”

On the one hand, she claimed, Republicans “have law enforcement no matter what they do.” She said Republicans support police unions and all members of the police “no matter what harm they cause.”


She said it was “typical” of Republicans because they don’t care, and that “they don’t seem to think police should be held accountable.” Waters added that “rogue cops” need to be reined in and stopped from killing non-white people.

You can watch the interview here.

At this point it’s hard to tell who is more disingenuous…Maxine Waters or Nancy Pelosi.