Maxwell Trial Delayed After Lawyer Falls Ill

( Last Thursday, the trial for Ghislaine Maxwell was cut short after one of the attorneys suddenly got sick.

The judge in the case, Alison Nathan, learned of the attorney’s condition after a lengthy meeting in her chambers between the prosecution and defense.

The prosecution was scheduled to call their final witness that day, but with the unexpected illness of one of the attorneys, Judge Nathan adjourned court for the day at 10:30 am and announced that the final witness would be scheduled for Friday.

And Friday morning, Annie Farmer, the prosecution’s fourth and final accuser took the stand, recounting to the jurors how Maxwell gave her a nude massage and groped her at Epstein’s New Mexico ranch when she was sixteen years old.

The only accuser using her own real name, Farmer claimed that she was lured to Epstein’s ranch after she met Epstein through her sister.

She recounted how Maxwell and Epstein took her shopping, buying her an expensive pair of cowboy boots. They took her to see the movie “Primal Fear.” And while waiting to go into the theater, Farmer testified, Epstein and Maxwell got very handsy with each other. During the movie, Farmer, who had to sit between Epstein and Maxwell, said Epstein caressed her leg and held her hand.

Farmer also testified that Maxwell later showed her how to massage Epstein’s feet and eventually asked Farmer if she wanted a massage as well. Maxwell then set up the massage table in Farmer’s room and asked her to take her clothes off.

Another time, Farmer testified, Epstein climbed into bed with her while she was staying at his ranch.

During cross-examination, defense attorney Laura Menninger tried to downplay the naked massage and Epstein coming to Farmer’s bed. She asked Farmer if Maxwell touched her private parts during the naked massage and if Epstein’s “erect penis” made contact with her while he was in her bed. Farmer answered no to both questions.

The prosecution rested its case on Friday and the trial broke for three days. On Thursday, the trial resumed with Maxwell’s defense attorneys presenting their case to the jury.