Mayor Pete Says Truckers Need To Work Overtime To Fix Supply Chain Crisis Biden Created

( Because of efforts, or a lack of, taken by the FDA under Biden’s leadership, there is a scarcity of infant formula in the United States.

The leader of the FDA has recently stated that he has no objections to the opening of the formula facility in Michigan; nevertheless, the FDA has not approved for the company to create baby formula once more. Before the FDA shut them down, the company, Abbott, claimed that it had done nothing improper based on investigations conducted before the FDA took action.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who serves as Joe Biden’s Secretary of Transportation, has shared his thoughts on various topics outside of his purview. Recent statements have shown that he is troubled by the fact that schools do not teach Buttigieg-approved notions on sexuality and gender.

On Monday, Buttigieg stated that his agency has the authority to make exceptions to the hours-of-service regulations that apply to truck drivers to allow them to distribute baby formula.

But Buttigieg has said that this is primarily an issue with manufacturing and less of a problem with the transfer of commodities. Buttigieg told the press that he’d do whatever could break down roadblocks if he found that commodity mobility was becoming a restricting issue.

Buttigieg believes that the lack of infant formula may be solved by allowing truckers to work longer hours.

The United States is now experiencing a nationwide scarcity, which has forced many parents to scramble to find ways to provide for their infant’s nutritional needs.
Some have even resorted to going to emergency rooms.

It’s impossible to say how many infants have run out of formula alternatives. There is no one keeping track.

Dr. Jenifer Lightdale of UMass Memorial Medical Center is a pediatric gastroenterologist. She said that she is sure there are many stories like that going on all across the country.

Dr. Lightdale says they are encountering desperate families who have run out of formula and cannot get any.

She said it’s difficult to estimate in terms of numbers, but they surely have a handful at least every day or two come up.