McConnell Responds To Speculation

( Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell responded this week to growing speculation that Democratic Senator for West Virginia, Joe Manchin, may be preparing to leave the Democrats and join the Republicans. Sadly, though, he put a dampener on the idea.

It comes as Manchin faces growing criticism from people within the Democrat ranks. He is one of only two Democratic senators, Kyrsten Sinema being the other, who refuses to vote to end the filibuster. He is effectively one of the only roadblocks standing in the way of the Democrats removing the congressional custom and procedure that requires parties to cross the line and cooperate with other members of the Senate to pass legislation with 60 votes.

Speaking to Fox News on Wednesday, McConnell noted how Manchin has long said that he has been a Democrat all his life and that he is “not anticipating that he’s going to cross the aisle.”

Manchin is not really a Republican, but the Democrats have shifted so far to the left that he seems to have more in common with Republicans these days than he does Democrats.

McConnell told Fox that he admires Senator Manchin’s willingness to “protect the Senate as an institution,” which is absolutely what he is doing when he stands in the way of Democrats passing extremist legislation through a simple majority.

Senator Manchin told the press on Tuesday that he would not only oppose ending the filibuster but will also reject the “For the People Act,” a piece of legislation pushed by the Democrats that would make permanent the temporary election measures introduced in the 2020 election. Among the measures, the act would legalize ballot harvesting across the country and strip states of federal funds if they do not enact mass mail-in voting – a measure that led to increased instances of voter fraud in the last election.

Manchin has slammed the bill as “partisan voting legislation” that would completely destroy the “already weakening” binds of American democracy.

The Democrats have gotten so crazy that all it takes is one Democrat to stand up for Democracy to sound like he has switched parties.