Media Source Begs Media To Stop Talking About Donald Trump, Giving Him Publicity

( Bill Press has penned an essay that is long on contempt and short on facts.


Donald Trump is a politician. But beyond all else, Trump is a product of the media. It’s time for the press, including print, broadcast, and internet outlets, to acknowledge that, like Victor Frankenstein, we have produced a monster.
Without media attention, Trump would not be where he is now. It began when he was the darling of the New York gossip columnists, even before he decided to run for president. Why? Not because of anything admirable he accomplished, but only because he was opulent and wealthy.

NBC’s then-president Jeff Zucker handed Trump his TV program, “The Apprentice,” which he hosted for 14 years due to the free attention he received. Once more, not because he has shown any particular aptitude, but only because he was a wealthy developer.

The developer-turned-TV personality entered politics in 2015, running a joke-of-a-campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. He had no prior political background. He has always been a Democrat. At his campaign launch, he displayed his apparent lack of knowledge of public policy by portraying the majority of immigrants from Mexico as drug dealers, rapists, and criminals. Nevertheless, the media regarded him seriously right away.
Additionally, several cable news outlets broadcast Trump’s rallies in their entirety, unlike other candidates who were lucky to receive a minute of coverage on the evening news.

We made Trump a credible contender, and then we elected him president, my fellow journalists.

Even though Trump protested, we continued to pamper him when he was elected president, offering him concessions that no other president—Democrat or Republican—had ever received—spreading his false claim that he had won the 2016 general election, as an example. He gave weight to his denial of Russia’s role in the 2016 election.

The saddest part is not holding him fully accountable for his complete failure to take the coronavirus seriously, which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

As president and for the past two years, the media have given Trump a pass for his despicable actions as president, including his continued refusal to acknowledge that he lost the 2020 election while doing all in his power to sabotage our democratic system.

As of June 28 and Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony before the committee on January 6, all of that should have come to a crashing end. We now know that Trump was more actively involved in the January 2021 riot than was previously believed. He not only invited his fans to Washington, D.C. but also sent them to the Capitol while urgently attempting to join them.

And how did the media react? Rumors abound about Trump’s intentions to declare his 2024 candidacy sooner than anticipated. Were we not taught anything? It’s time to treat him like a clown rather than a candidate. Instead of “Donald Trump To Run Again,” the title should read, “Con Man Trump Tries to Fool America Again.”

He is now a deadly menace to our democracy, and our patriotic obligation is to treat him as such.