Meghan, Harry’s Ukraine Support Got a Different Reaction to William, Kate’s

( Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were met with mockery after they released a statement expressing solidarity with Ukraine and condemning Vladimir Putin.

On the day Russia invaded Ukraine, Harry and Meghan shared a statement on their Archewell website where they expressed solidarity for the people of Ukraine against “this breach of international and humanitarian law.” The statement encouraged “the global community and its leaders to do the same.”

Members of the UK press immediately scoffed at the statement, joking that a message from Harry and Meghan was sure to have Putin shaking in his boots.

Daily Mail editor Richard Eden mocked the entitled pair for “grandstanding” online and pointed out that Prince Harry’s brother William was actually meeting with someone who might “be able to do something about” the conflict.

On the day of the Russian invasion, Prince William met with UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace at Kensington Palace.

Though, to be fair, Prince Harry does not have an active role in the Royal Family, so he’s not in a position to meet with Britain’s Defense Secretary. The best he can do is virtue-signal online.

Or on stage.

On Saturday, while appearing at the NAACP Image Awards, Harry and Meghan issued another statement of support for Ukraine which prompted much of the same derision and scorn as their earlier statement.

But, really? They deserved it.

They were at the NAACP Image Awards to accept the President’s Award in recognition of Harry and Meghan’s so-called “special achievement and distinguished public service.”

And before he accepted the unearned honor, Prince Harry gave another shout-out to the people of Ukraine and another call for the “global community” to continue supporting Ukraine.

Over the weekend, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge posted a statement on their official Twitter account in which they recounted the time they met President Volodymyr Zelensky and his wife in October 2020. Like Harry and Meghan, William and Kate said they stand with the Ukrainian people and President Zelensky.

But unlike Meghan and Harry, the statement from Prince William and Kate prompted no such mockery or scorn in the British press.