Meghan Markle Mocks Queen Elizabeth After Death

( Not that anybody needed another example of just how odious Meghan Markle is, but in one scene from Meghan and her henpecked husband Harry’s Netflix “documentary,” the crass Meghan is seen making an exaggerated curtsy as she imitated how she acted when she first met the late Queen Elizabeth.

During the segment, Markle called her meeting with the Queen “surreal,” explaining that she didn’t know until moments before that she would be meeting Harry’s grandmother. She said she and Harry were traveling to the Royal Lodge for lunch when Harry said his grandmother would be there as well.

Harry was recounting his conversation with Meghan before he introduced her to his grandmother the Queen. Harry asked how someone is supposed to explain that you have to curtsy to his grandmother. “Especially to an American,” Harry added, “That’s weird.”

This prompted Meghan to play-act an exaggerated, ridiculous bow.

Unsurprisingly, Meghan’s over-dramatic pantomime didn’t sit well with the Brits.

When a video of the bow was posted on Twitter, Tory MP Mark Jenkinson was not amused.

Calling Meghan’s display “the ultimate betrayal,” Jenkinson was angrier at Prince Harry than Meghan, blasting him for just sitting there silently.

Darren McGrady, who cooked for the Queen as well as Princess Diana and her children for over 15 years, was also pretty peeved with the wayward prince, saying watching Harry’s face as his wife laughs about having to curtsy to the Queen “says everything for me.”

Addressing Prince Harry directly, McGrady said, “with respect, sir,” Meghan Markle “will never be like or similar to your mother.”

During their Netflix “documentary,” Meghan Markle also brought up the movie “The Princess Diaries” to describe how she felt when she joined the Royal Family.

Harry claimed that when his family first met Markle, “they were surprised that the ginger could land such a beautiful” and “intelligent woman.”

Oh, yeah. She’s real intelligent.