Meghan McCain Deletes Tweet After Swearing At Pro-Trump Candidate

(  In a tweet that has since been removed, Meghan McCain, the daughter of the late Senator John McCain and a former co-host on The View, referred to Kari Lake as a “b*tch” and accused her of using McCain’s moniker without permission. As with her father, Meghan McCain is an out-of-touch, America-hating elite.

According to an article by The Gateway Pundit, McCain put her whole weight behind Joe Biden’s run-up to the Stolen 2020 Election. McCain even referred to Joe Biden as “Teflon Joe.”

McCain has gone as far as to advocate for President Trump’s killing, a sentiment repeated live on The View by Joy Behar.

Now that the election in 2020 was effectively rigged and stolen for Joe Biden, Meghan McCain is attacking fantastic Trump-endorsed Patriots like Kari Lake, who is running for Governor in Arizona. Kari Lake has the support of President Trump.

McCain shared on Twitter a message about a rally held in Tucson by Kari Lake at The Maverick, a live country music bar in the city. In reality, Meghan misunderstood the reference to “The Maverick,” She thought it was either another jab at her RINO father or Kari Lake was appropriating his notorious moniker.

She asked on Twitter, “Why did the b*tch steal my dad’s nickname?”

Because he was such a RINO over his many decades of service in Congress, John McCain got the nickname “Maverick.” According to KTAR, the media referred to John McCain as a maverick whenever he went against the conventional wisdom of his political party, most notably while he was running for president in the years 2000 and 2008.

According to one Twitter user, Meghan McCain “totally pantsed herself” while attempting to dunk on Kari Lake. It was a mortifying situation.

McCain’s hostile behavior toward Lake is not new by any stretch of the imagination.

In the past, McCain referred to Kari Lake as “trash” in a tweet she posted in response to her comments on the McCain Swamp in Arizona.

Nick Moore, an Arizona Young Republican National Committee member, pointed out that Meghan does not call Arizona home and is not familiar with the state. It’s why she never heard of the bar “The Maverick.”