Megyn Kelly Calls BS On Prince Harry Drama

( Popular Sirius XM podcast host Megyn Kelly lambasted Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle after the prince released his new memoir, “Spare,” according to The Daily Wire. Kelly reportedly laid out several things that she believed the couple did wrong and for which they should apologize.

Kelly began by calling Meghan a bully, citing reports of allegations from people who were closest to her. Those working with her said that she was abusive to staffers, with one palace aide saying that what Meghan was doing was “more like emotional cruelty and manipulation, which I guess could also be called bullying.”

After the reports began to circulate and cause drama, Buckingham Palace reportedly opened an investigation into the allegations, but the results were kept silent because the Queen “didn’t want any more drama,” according to royal author Katie Nicholl.

Meghan also reportedly made Princess Kate cry, contrary to what she had told Oprah. Now that Harry’s book is out, we know that it was Meghan who called the princess a “baby brain” after she gave birth to her third child.

Kelly went on to call the former Duchess a “brat” who complained about not getting the tiara she wanted and who cut off her family members after they supported her rise to the top. She then targeted Harry for his claims about the media’s negative coverage of them.

“You don’t think George Clooney’s had negative things written about him?” she asked, breaking out into a fake tearful voice. “We’re sick of it! Shut up about your negative press coverage.”

After releasing a scathing documentary about the royal family, Prince Harry also accused the family of “leaking and planting” stories that are meant to sabotage him and Meghan Markle, according to Mediaite.

Sources within the Royal Palace responded to accusations made in Harry and Meghan’s recent Netflix “shock doc,” saying that they were not asked to address the comments and did not allegedly decline, according to Breitbart.