Mel Gibson Allegations Come To Light After Documentary Release

A report shows the internet has been replete with Mel Gibson’s interview comments on the evils of the Hollywood industry since the release of a new film, Sound of Freedom. Gibson has been publicly identified as a fan of the film and has urged others to see it. 

The movie is based on the real-life efforts of Tim Ballard to end child sex trafficking throughout the globe.

The debut of the new film has been met with controversy, with audience members reporting being ejected from seating for different reasons and others having their theater’s air conditioning purposely turned off. 

The report shows that there is nothing in the Mel Gibson interview that seems to relate to the concepts of Sound of Freedom, but on Sunday, Slightly Offensive podcast presenter Elijah Schaffer tweeted his purported connection between the two.

Schaffer said it was shocking and described the nature of the video. He said Mel Gibson is a genuine article and told the followers to watch Sound of Freedom. 

Shaffer explained that in 1998, Mel Gibson forewarned about the dangers of Hollywood, and he anticipated their eventual turn against him.  It implies that some actors may be demons. Gibson had a very terrible secret that he intended to expose. 

In the shortened video clip for Twitter allowances, Gibson also elaborated on how he fully anticipated a metaphoric knife to be thrust into his back in Hollywood.

According to a report, the actual tale of how ex-DHS agent Tim Ballard quit his job to save victims of international child sex trafficking is depicted in the film Sound of Freedom.

Ballard brought up the issue of child trafficking around the Southern US Border in a meeting video with then-President Trump that has just reemerged from 2019.  Trump showed genuine interest in the creator of O.U.R. (Operation Underground Railroad), even though many in D.C. have ridiculed Ballard and his efforts to combat child trafficking. 

In 2019, Trump chose Ballard to serve on the White House Public-Private Partnership Advisory Council to End Human Trafficking.

Online media outlets report that former President Donald Trump has decided to hold a showing at his Bedminster golf club of Sound of Freedom within a week.