Michigan Judge Tells Governor Whitmer to STOP Going After 77-Year-Old Barber

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Governor Gretchen Whitmer has no shame. The disgraced Democrat hit headlines in April when she implemented some of the strictest lockdown measures in the country that banned people from purchasing “non-essential” items at the supermarkets and even stopped people from working on their gardens. Despite this, Whitmer has been seen outside attending protests in close contact with other people, and perhaps most disgracefully of all, she has continued trying to criminally charge a 77-year-old barber who opened his barbershop during the lockdown.

Local legend Karl Manke hit the news when he opened his barbershop in defiance of the lockdown order. Despite wearing masks while cutting hair, Manke was initially ordered to shut down his business and stripped of his license. Governor Whitmer did all that she could to make an example of him, but protests got so big that local officials couldn’t ignore it.

Michigan’s Supreme Court sided with Manke on Friday, voting unanimously to reinstate his license. But it didn’t stop there. On Monday, a county judge also sided with Manke, and ruled that Governor Whitmer and the Attorney General Dana Nessel should stop going after the man legally.

According to Great Lake News, the County Circuit Court Judge Matthew Stewart ruled that “It is no longer appropriate for Plaintiff to seek to compel Defendant to comply with a nonexistent injunction.” The ruling stops the Attorney General slapping Manke with a $7,500 fine for unlawfully operating his barbershop. It wasn’t a one-off fine, either. Attorney General Nessel was attempting to impose a fine of $7,500 for every single day he kept the business open.

Not only that, but the Department of Health and Human Services was even trying to fine Manke $5,000. It was a relentless campaign from Whitmer and her officials designed to make an example of him.

Local people have rallied behind Manke not just because they believe what happened to him was wrong, but because he represented the concerns of the people of Michigan who have long argued that Whitmer’s lockdown measures were excessive.

Last week, Manke said he would only close his shop if Whitmer resigned.

“I don’t have any intentions of being bullied,” he said. “I really don’t mind her being governor, but when [Whitmer] stars this ruling stuff, then I take exception to that.”

Well, it doesn’t look like he will be bullied any more!