Mike Lindell Offers CNN Host A Huge After Interview Gets Heated

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- For some inexplicable reason, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell decided to undergo an interview with CNN investigative reporter Drew Griffin last week. And it did not go well at all.

Griffin’s interview with Lindell was an opportunity to portray the controversial Lindell as a crank and a conspiracy theorist, and Griffin didn’t let the opportunity go to waste.

Fragments of the interview which aired during Anderson Cooper’s AC360 program showed Griffin grilling Lindell about his claims that the 2020 election was stolen. In the segment, Lindell doubled down saying he had proof to back up his claim that votes cast for Donald Trump were switched to Joe Biden. Griffin made a point of noting that Lindell has never offered this proof, adding in a voice-over “It is, of course, complete nonsense.”

The only evidence Lindell offered Griffin were screenshots of data scrolling on a screen which Griffin tells Lindell don’t prove anything. Griffin also tells Lindell that a cyber expert said it was “proof of nothing.”

Lindell dismissed Griffin’s claim, saying CNN must not have hired a cyber expert. Griffin countered that CNN consulted nine different security experts who told CNN that Lindell’s screenshots were “extremely rudimentary metadata” and “completely ridiculous.”

In the report, Griffin explains that he reached out to officials in fifteen of the counties which Lindell claims votes were hacked and switch. But according to Griffin, these counties used paper ballots and machines that were not connected to the internet.

Griffin then accuses Lindell not understanding how votes are “cast, collected and tabulated in this country.” To which, Lindell argued that he does understand, adding that votes “can get hacked after the fact.”

Then Lindell plugged his Cyber Symposium that is currently underway, telling Griffin that he has proof from multiple “super secret” sources, and is offering to pay $5 million to anyone who can prove his claims wrong.

Then interview got weird, with Lindell asking Griffin if he was worried about “old Mike,” telling him “we should give a hug.”

Griffin responded coldly that what CNN is worried about is Lindell “mistakenly or deliberately” undermining confidence in the legitimately-elected President. Lindell disputed Griffin’s claim saying that he never said anything bad about Biden or the Democrats.

After airing the clips, Griffin takes the opportunity to continue attacking Lindell to host Anderson Cooper, accusing Lindell of not understanding how elections work and reiterating that he never provides any proof of his claims.

Watch the video HERE.