Mike Pence Makes Surprise Bookings Ahead Of 2024

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Former Vice President Mike Pence will be giving the commencement address at a private Christian university in South Carolina in late April.

Pence will speak at Columbia International University’s commencement on April 30. He will then return to South Carolina in early May to deliver remarks at a dinner for Carolina Pregnancy Center in Spartanburg.

The Christian facility that provides counseling and adoption services to women who chose to go through with an unplanned pregnancy has become a regular campaign stop for Republican presidential hopefuls looking to court social conservative Republicans in the crucial early primary state of South Carolina.

Since leaving the White House, Pence has made three trips to South Carolina which is a pivotal state in deciding the Republican nomination.

In February 2021, Pence delivered a speech for a grassroots, faith-based conservative group. In April 2021, he headlined a gathering of pastors and later delivered a keynote address at a dinner hosted by a conservative Christian group, the Palmetto Family Council in Columbia, South Carolina.

Then in November, Pence headlined a fundraiser for longtime Republican Congressman Joe Wilson who represents South Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District.

The former vice president has also made stops in other early primary states. In 2021, Pence made two stops in Iowa and two in New Hampshire. In November, he traveled to Nevada.

With all these stops in early-voting states, it appears likely that former Vice President Pence is gearing up to run for the GOP nomination for President in 2024.

But Pence has also been crisscrossing the country to campaign for Republican candidates running the 2022 midterm elections.

In a recent speech at the Federalist Society earlier this month, Pence incurred the wrath of his former running mate Donald Trump when he argued that the former President was wrong in thinking Pence, as presiding officer over the joint session of Congress, had the power to overturn the 2020 election results.

Pence noted in his speech that if Trump was right that Pence could unilaterally reject the Electoral College votes, then the current Vice President, Kamala Harris, could do the same thing if a Republican wins in 2024.

He argued that he had no such right, nor does Vice President Harris.