Mike Pence Spokesman Claims FEC Filing Document Is Fake

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- A spokesman for former Republican Vice President Mike Pence said this week that campaign paperwork that purports to be from his boss is fake.

Pence’s press secretary when he was in the Trump administration, Devin O’Malley, tweeted this week that a statement of candidacy for “Mr. Mike Richard Pence” doesn’t belong to Pence. That statement was filed with the Federal Elections Commission.

As O’Malley tweeted:

“Former Vice President Mike Pence did not file to run for president today.”

The filing was made on Monday with the FEC and lists a campaign committee that’s called “Mike Pence for President.” It also lists a Post Office box in Pence’s home state of Anderson, Indiana, as the mailing address for the campaign committee.

Pence has teased a White House run in 2024, but he hasn’t officially filed the paperwork to do so – nor has he confirmed publicly that those are his intentions. Recently, the former vice president said he would have discussions with his family during the holidays about it, and then let the public know of his official intentions.

O’Malley continued on Twitter:

“I didn’t have it on my Bingo card for ANY of the days between Christmas and New Year considering Pence has been saying that if there was an announcement to be made, it would be made in 2023!”

Spokespeople for the FEC wouldn’t specifically comment on the Pence filing in questions. They did say, though, that there is a verification in process at place at the FEC that authenticates all filings once they’re made.

If Pence were to run in 2024, he would be going up against his former boss, Donald Trump. The two once had a close and solid relationship, but that quickly fell apart following the 2020 presidential election.

As Trump continued to push his claims of election fraud and fight for the results to be overturned, Pence moved on and was focused on serving out his final days in Washington.

It all came to a head when Pence – as de facto president of the Senate — refused to stop the certification of the Electoral College results. Trump said Pence had the power to do just that – and award the election to Trump – while the vice president insisted he held no such power.

Since leaving the White House in early 2021, Pence has been going on speaking tours and making public appearances at various conservative organizations and events. He’s talked openly about how he believes there will be better choices in the 2024 Republican primary than Trump.

He hasn’t specifically named who he believes those “better choices” would be – including whether he will be among those choices.

It’s unclear where Pence would stand with GOP voters if he did decide to run for president in 2024. To this point, much of the attention has been paid to the Trump – the only candidate from either part to officially file to run so far – and Florida Governor Ronald DeSantis.