Mitt Romney Attacks Donald Trump’s Age, Tells Him To Quit

( Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah compared former President Donald Trump to an “old pitcher who keeps losing games” and said he was to blame for the GOP’s lackluster showing in the midterm elections. He also advised against supporting him if he decides to run for president in 2024.

It is important to note that Mitt Romney made three presidential bids. He lost two primaries. He was defeated by Barack Obama when he “took the mound” after winning the nomination on his third attempt.

Romney unsuccessfully campaigned for senator in 1994.

Romney is a better candidate than Trump for the aged, losing pitcher role. Trump, who had never previously held a political position, won the presidency the first time he ran.

Romney nonetheless continues to opine.

Romney told MSNBC’s Saul Kapur, “I think President Trump was an albatross on the electoral prospects for some of our candidates. He participated in the selection of specific candidates who ultimately proved to be ineffective.

“I understand that he’s going to run for president. It’s like the aging pitcher who keeps losing games,” Romney added.

He declared, “We need a different pitcher on the mound if we want to win. And while I recognize that some of his supporters like him, I believe he should step down from the mound since our bench is quite powerful.”

Since the 2016 presidential election, the senator has been harshly critical of Trump, branding him a “fake” and accusing him of “playing members of the American public for suckers.”

In each impeachment trial for the then-president, Romney voted to find Trump guilty.

Romney’s recent remarks come as various Republican factions assign blame for the party’s underwhelming performance in this year’s midterm elections.

According to data from Ballotpedia, while 93% of the candidates Trump sponsored won their primary, that percentage fell to 80% in the general elections. He supported many well-known candidates that lost to their Democratic rivals, including Blake Masters in Arizona and Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania’s senate races, as well as Tudor Dixon in Michigan’s governor race.

Unfortunately, Trump didn’t endorse Romney.