“Mitt Romney Republican” Becomes Common Attack In Midterm Elections

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Mitt Romney isn’t running again. Trump-aligned Republicans antagonistic to the Utah senator have used his name as a foil, derisively calling their adversaries “Mitt Romney Republicans.”
In southeast Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, Republicans utilized the theme to characterize primary opponents as Trump-era GOP enemies. Anti-tax super PAC Club For Growth utilized “Mitt Romney Republican” in a North Carolina Senate primary ad.

In Utah, allusions to Romney’s Republicanism are widespread. Candidates are using “Mitt Romney Republican” as a campaign trail attack before Tuesday’s Republican primary.
Chris Herrod, a candidate for Utah’s 3rd Congressional District, declared last month that the GOP had two wings.

He said, “I’m not your man if you’re more aligned with Mitt Romney and Spencer Cox.”

Becky Edwards, an anti-Trump Republican in Utah’s Senate race, said it’s “puzzling.”
Romney is beloved in Utah, where the church dominates politics and society. After a bribery scandal, he saved Salt Lake City’s 2002 Winter Olympics. After relocating to Utah full-time over a decade ago, he won the 2018 Senate campaign.

Herrod, who campaigned for Romney in Las Vegas in 2012, said he used Romney as shorthand to describe his own and Rep. John Curtis’ beliefs. Herrod criticized Curtis’ energy policy stance and creation of the Conservative Climate Caucus.

“It’s hard to draw a boundary during a campaign. Herrod added, “I used words people would understand.”

Like Herrod, Andrew Badger depicts his primary campaign as a “tug of war” between two Republican groups. He compares Romney to Utah Sen. Mike Lee, a regular FOX News guest, and the Senate’s lone “no” vote.

Both Badger and Herrod agree that Romney may turn off some voters four years after he beat a right-wing state lawmaker in Utah’s Republican primary and a Democrat in the general election. Given how the previous six years have changed Republican politics, they question his support.

Badger stated he wouldn’t win a Republican primary vote today.

Badger’s campaign has concentrated on 2020 election indignation, coronavirus requirements, and K-12 racism, gender, and sexuality education. He’s tried to draw a line between Romney and his opponent, Rep. Blake Moore, by blasting Moore for voting to form an independent commission to examine the Jan. 6 rebellion.

Moore did not vote for impeachment. Moore, along with all but two House Republicans, voted against the Jan. 6 select committee.

To the claim that Moore is a “Mitt Romney Republican,” Caroline Tucker, the congressman’s campaign spokesman, said he’s a “Big Tent Republican” who won’t compromise his conservative values for lawmaking.

Staining a politician as a “Mitt Romney Republican” may appeal to certain Republican primary voters, but it won’t work in Utah, says Jason Perry, director of the University of Utah’s Hinckley Institute of Politics.

In Utah, Romney is well-liked.

It’s a Mormon thing.