Mitt Romney Supports Slowing Down Dangerous Bill

( Republican Senator for Utah, Mitt Romney, reportedly supported delaying the vote on the $1.9 trillion COVID relief package, describing the plan put forward by Democrats and supported by President Joe Biden as “massively excessive.”

The controversial Republican senator, who marched with Black Lives Matter and voted to impeach former President Donald Trump, also proposed a number of amendments to the bill, including one that would direct billions of dollars to local and state government but only if they needed pandemic-related support.

The efforts, however, ultimately failed as Democrats plowed ahead with their massive package.

Romney supported a request by fellow Republican Senator Ron Johnson to have the entirety of the 625-page bill read aloud in the Senate, which would have taken 10 hours.

Isn’t it incredible that simply reading a bill is considered controversial?

“What I see that he is doing is making sure we communicate very clearly that the $1.9 trillion plan has good objectives but is massively misdirected,” Romney told the press in D.C. on Thursday.

Senator Mike Lee, Utah’s other Republican Senator, also posted a video on Twitter showing that he was prepared for the “vote-a-rama”, with cases of Diet Coke, water, red Bull, nuts, and snacks.

“I’m gearing up to push back on the Biden administration’s reckless $1.9 trillion earmark wish list – only 1% of which goes for COVID vaccine production and distribution,” he said.

“These supplies should help keep my colleagues going for a few days,” he added.

The $1.9 trillion package overwhelmingly spends money on non-COVID-relief measures and does not provide $1,000 checks as promised by President Joe Biden during his presidential campaigns and in the Georgia Senate runoff campaigns.

Romney called Biden’s proposal “wasteful” and said it puts the burden of debt on future generations.

“The president’s plan is massively excessive,” he said. “It needs to be cut back and focused where need is real. But that’s not what’s there now, and that’s one of the reasons why a number of Republican senators are joining together to slow down the process.”

Romney also slammed the $250 billion planned for state and local governments, stating that some states have actually seen revenues increase during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Isn’t it weird when Romney says something normal and that you can get behind?