Monkeypox Is Transmitted Primarily By Gay Men, Peer-Reviewed Study Finds

( Last month, the New England Journal of Medicine published the first peer-reviewed study on the current outbreak of monkeypox that found the virus is primarily being transmitted through the sexual activity of gay and bisexual men.

Researchers analyzed the monkeypox outbreak in 16 countries outside of Africa between April and June. Of the 528 infections confirmed between April 27 and June 24, 98 percent were among gay or bisexual men with a median age of 38.

Of those gay and bisexual men, 95 percent of the infections are suspected to have been transmitted through sexual activity.

But heaven forbid our public health officials “stigmatize” gay and bisexual men by telling them to stop having sex to slow the spread.

Before this current outbreak, monkeypox in humans was exceedingly rare outside of Africa where it has been endemic for decades, mostly spreading from animals. But now, there are over 16,000 confirmed cases worldwide.

Most of the current cases are clustered in North America and Western Europe. Some of the first reported cases have been linked to major LGBT events in Spain and Belgium which are now considered Ground Zero for the current outbreak.

Based on the study, monkeypox incubation is between three and 20 days (with an average incubation period of 7 days), the recent rise in cases here in the United States suggests that transmission occurred in the final days of Pride Month in June and in early July.

And yet, both federal and local public health officials seem to be going out of their way to avoid linking the current outbreak to gay sex.

In a recent interview, San Francisco’s Health Officer, Dr. Susan Philip admitted that the city’s messaging on monkeypox “is really to avoid stigmatizing language.”

For two years, Americans were ordered to stand six feet apart to avoid transmitting COVID. But health officials refuse to tell gay and bisexual men to stop having sex with strangers.

It really is madness.