“Morning Joe” Attacks Trucker For Boldly Protesting

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Far-left MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough hit out at peaceful Canadian truckers protesting against vaccine mandates for border crossings on Monday. Scarborough seemed oblivious to the fact that essential workers, who were once praised as heroes during the early days of the pandemic, are being forced to take a vaccine they don’t want in order to continue delivering important supplies to the United States and Canada.

Protests have stemmed across Ottawa and beyond, with truckers refusing to return to work and to stop blocking roads until the vaccine mandates are removed.

Scarborough attempted to smear the truckers as uncaring, stating that “anti-vaxxers took food from the mouths of the homeless” by blocking a soup kitchen, before claiming that concerned truckers are members of a “cult.”

But you’re not a part of a cult if you ignore the widespread violence, destruction, and murder committed by Black Lives Matter and Antifa in hundreds of American cities in 2020?


Scarborough then tried to draw a comparison between existing vaccines and the new COVID-19 vaccine which has been shown to be ineffective at preventing COVID infections and which is less safe than the majority of vaccines that have been used for decades.

“I’m just curious, again, where were these protests when people were required to get five vaccines to start schools? Where were these protests when people were required to give their children five vaccines before,” he said.

Scarborough revealed his ignorance by drawing comparison to the criticism of “loopy anti-vaxxers” on the left who have long rejected vaccines that actually work.

See the video here.

What is it with these TV news anchors and constantly belittling average workers – in Canada and the United States – who don’t want to be forced to take an experimental vaccine?