MSNBC Host Makes Harassing Joke About Female Congress Member

( Democratic Party strategist Kurt Bardella indicated that Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) would be forced to sell herself pornographically online if she cannot secure reelection.

During an appearance on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, in which he was discussing Boebert’s too-close-to-call campaign against Democrat Adam Frisch with anchor Joy Reid and former Senator Claire McCaskill, Bardella made the insensitive comment (D-MO).

Reid questioned Bardella, “What does it imply if the second most popular QAnon congressperson in MAGA, Lauren Boebert, loses?”

Bardella responded, “What does it signify if she loses?”

Reid mentioned that Boebert’s restaurant in Rifle, Colorado, had shut down earlier this year and inquired where the congresswoman would work if she were unsuccessful in her bid for reelection.

After hearing this, Bardella remarked, “I guess it might be a gain for OnlyFans.”

OnlyFans is a paid subscription website that allows users to share content with one another, which is frequently of a sexual nature. It is common practice to recommend using the service as a financial source to offend economically disadvantaged young women.

Both Reid and McCaskill identify as feminists, but neither reacted to the sexist overtones in Bardella’s comment.

McCaskill appeared to be taken aback by the comment, but Reid couldn’t help but giggle.

Bardella continued by saying that symbolically, removing one of the poster children of the Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement, someone who has been an absolute disgrace to the office that she holds, would be a great feather in the cap and would cement the fact that this has been a total unmitigated disaster for the MAGA wing in the Republican Party.

With fewer ballots left to count, Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert is ahead of Democratic challenger Adam Frisch in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District by about 1,100 votes.

Boebert has always been upbeat, as evidenced by her remarks at her party on election night: “I don’t think we’ll lose the third congressional district in Colorado. I’m looking forward to serving in Congress for a second term and fighting for everything we spent so much time and effort on.”