MSNBC Reports “Bad Photoshop” Regarding Trump’s New Trading Cards

( Last Wednesday, former President Donald Trump took to Truth Social to tease an upcoming “major announcement,” prompting many of his die-hard supporters to set their expectations rather high.

Some Trump supporters speculated that the former president would be announcing his running mate, with many of them suggesting that Trump was going to choose defeated Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake. Others floated the theory that Trump was going to announce a run for Speaker of the House.

In the end, Trump’s “big announcement” was that he was selling $99 “Trump trading card” NFTs. The digital trading cards featured a slimmed-down Trump Photoshopped in heroic poses, including Astronaut Trump, Sheriff Trump, and Superhero Trump with lasers shooting from his eyes.

Unsurprisingly, the Trump-hating media took relish in the announcement, mocking the former president for being reduced to hawking Photoshopped images of himself.

The hosts and panel from MNSBC’s “Morning Joe,” who never tire of mocking Donald Trump, were especially vicious in their derision.

Co-Host Willie Geist scoffed over Trump charging $99 for what amounts to “bad Photoshop.”

Mika Brzezinski pretended to be an infomercial host, saying, “For the small price of just $99, you can get your hands on one of these digital cards that depict Trump’s life and so-called career as an astronaut, a NASCAR driver, a cowboy, a fighter pilot, or even an elephant tamer.”

When the panel suggested buying 45 of the digital trading cards in exchange for a ticket to Mar-a-Lago, guest Claire McCaskill, the former Democrat Senator from Missouri, wondered if the trip to Mar-a-Lago would include a “tour of the classified documents.”

The “Morning Joe” crew also took delight in the New York Post editorial headlined, “Don’t Give Any Money to Con Artist Trump.”

But the Trump-hating media weren’t the only ones who had scorn for Trump’s $99 NFTs.

During his “War Room” podcast last Thursday, podcaster Steve Bannon responded to the NFT announcement by saying, “I can’t do this anymore.”

Calling Trump the “one of the greatest presidents in history,” Bannon said whoever made the decision “oughta be fired today.”