MTG Gets Ejected From Caucus Over Rude Statement

The House Freedom Caucus has ejected Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for her support of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, according to Mediaite. The news was brought by Rep. Andy Harris when he told CNN’s Haley Talbot that the group voted to eject the congresswoman last month. Harris mentioned “some things” Greene did that prompted the action. 

Although Harris did not say how he voted, he noted her support of McCarthy and criticisms of other conservative members. Greene was vocal about getting McCarthy into the House speaker role despite the bloc’s fierce opposition to him. The bloc, composed of Andy Biggs, Lauren Boebert, Paul Gosar, and other notable conservatives, persistently voted against McCarthy earlier this year. 

The vote against Greene followed drama within the bloc. Greene reportedly called Boebert a “little b****” on the House floor. The news of the name-calling came during a censure resolution of Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff.  Greene allegedly accused Boebert of copying her calls to impeach Joe Biden after she asked Boebert to cosponsor her proposal. But Boebert clarified that Greene is not her enemy, telling The Daily Beast that she is concerned about protecting the children and their posterity.  

Conservatives have also railed against Greene for supporting McCarthy’s deal with Biden to raise the debt ceiling. The deal included suspending the ceiling until 2025 to avoid financial ruin. But the negotiation does not tackle the increasing deficit, according to Market Watch

Greene defended her decision to support the deal, saying that she could have just complained about it, tweeted, done interviews, and then send fundraising emails. Instead, she argued, she is not going to throw “red meat.” The new image of the congresswoman comes after she made ripples saying that “Democrats want Republicans dead.” 

Whereas Greene once was against “the swamp,” many are concerned that she is slowly becoming part of it.