Nancy Pelosi Announces Endorsement For Joe Biden

( House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced her endorsement of President Joe Biden as the 2024 nominee, according to The Daily Wire. The announcement came as the midterm elections are nearly over, with Democrats projected to retain control of the Senate by a slim margin, and Republicans to secure the majority in the House.

The 82-year-old speaker endorsed Biden on ABC’s “The Week” with George Stephanopoulos, alleging that Biden “accomplished so much” and “has a great record.” She told the host that he has been a great president so far, securing 10 million jobs, working with the private sector, and just doing “so many things that are so great.”

Despite the highest inflation reached this year in the last 40 years, Pelosi claimed that the president “put money in people’s pockets, vaccines in their arms, children back to school, people back to work.” She also praised the CHIPS bill which will reportedly invest $200 million in semiconductor chip manufacturing. China, however, is already attempting to turn the bill in its favor, Defense One reports.

The House Speaker also lauded the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act,” which is the $740 billion spending package that promotes tax reform, healthcare, and climate programs. Pelosi claimed that $368 billion in climate spending will honor our “responsibility for future generations.”

Pelosi concluded her list of the president’s accomplishments by claiming that he “has a great record to run on.”

Rice University presidential historian Douglas Brinkley told The Washington Post just before Election Day that the midterms were going to serve as an indicator of Joe Biden’s viability as the Democrats 2024 candidate once again. If he kept the Senate, he would be in a position to run for re-election, but if the “red wave” materialized and he lost both chambers, then “there’s going to be a drumroll for Biden to not be the party’s nominee.”

Democrats retained control of the Senate but lost the House.

It remains unclear whether or not Biden will seek re-election. He has recently come out to say that he will make that judgment sometime early next year. Contrarily, former President Trump announced his bid for 2024.