Nancy Pelosi Announces Plans To Bypass GOP Congress Members

( In what is an absolute gift to the House Republicans, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said this past week that her partisan select committee into January 6 will move ahead even if Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy refuses to place five Republicans on the committee.

On Wednesday, after Pelosi vetoed two of the five Republicans McCarthy initially chose (Jim Banks and Jim Jordan), rather than play along and name two replacements, McCarthy withdrew all five of his choices and announced that the Republicans will not participate at all.

In response, Pelosi took the bait, telling reporters on Thursday that it was her responsibility as Speaker of the House to get to the truth of January 6. “We will not let their antics stand in the way of that,” Pelosi added.

Nancy might as well have made a sizeable donation to the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee.

A select committee populated by virulent partisans like Adam Schiff and Jamie Raskin all but guarantees that the televised hearings will have all the honesty and impartiality of a CNN round-table panel.

Mollie Hemingway gave this spot-on analysis on Fox News Wednesday evening:

The Republicans have maintained all along that Pelosi’s select committee was a partisan sham – nothing but a politically-motivated campaign stunt. By forging ahead without Republican support, Pelosi all but confirms the charge.

While it is still in her power to choose the five additional members herself, Pelosi has not said whether or not she would do that, telling the press only “We’ll see.” Naturally the partisan corporate media is floating anti-Trump Republican Adam Kinzinger of Illinois. But Pelosi doesn’t need to appoint anyone else since, with eight already seated, the committee has a quorum.

Minority Leader McCarthy said he is consider the idea that Republicans may pursue their own investigation into the January 6 melee. However, it is unclear what kind of investigation that could be since Republicans, as the minority party, do not have the power to establish committees.

Ultimately, the objective behind this partisan “investigation” is not to “get to the truth” as Pelosi falsely claimed. It is a political operation designed to smear Republican House members as complicit in a so-called “Insurrection” — all in hopes that the smear campaign damages the Republicans’ chances of retaking the House in the 2022 Midterms.

It is a campaign strategy, nothing more.

In reality, taxpayers shouldn’t be on the hook for the costs of this “investigation.” The bill should be paid by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.