Nancy Pelosi Begged White House To Extend Eviction Bans

( Before the CDC finally stepped in and unconstitutionally saved her bacon, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi spent Monday begging the White House to defy the courts and extend the unconstitutional eviction moratorium.

Pelosi was in a bit of a bind. The Supreme Court in July ruled that such a moratorium had to come from the legislative branch. But the optics of screwing over one group of Americans for the benefit of another was too much even for Pelosi to risk.

The far-Left wing of the House Democrat caucus, along with the far-Left base had been urging her to do something to keep renters from having to actually pay rent. Activists showed up at her San Francisco home demanding she act.

Unwilling to extend the moratorium legislatively, Pelosi appealed to the White House asking that the Biden Administration unconstitutionally legislate on her behalf so the unconstitutional moratorium a court already determined was federal overreach could be extended.

This is how much upholding the Constitution means to Nancy Pelosi – or the White House for that matter.

Fact is, this eviction moratorium isn’t damaging billionaires. It is hurting working class and middle class Americans who rely on rental income to pay mortgages and taxes on a property. Because of the COVID panic, these landlords are collectively owed about $20 billion in back rent. But there is no moratorium on paying a mortgage — no moratorium on paying property taxes. These property owners are on the hook whether their tenants are paying rent or not.

Pelosi doesn’t want that coming back to bite her. So rather than face outrage from middle class voters screwed over by the moratorium, she urged the White House to do it for her.

The goal was to buy time – something even President Biden admitted when he announced the extension of the moratorium on Tuesday. Pelosi told House Democrats that having the CDC defy the court and extend the moratorium will give extra time in which to distribute the $46.5 billion Congress already allocated for rental relief that has yet to be sent out.

But who is buying time for the property owners who are stuck with renters who pay no rent?

The National Apartment Association has sued the government seeking billions in unpaid rent due to the moratorium. The association has over 82,000 members who manage over 9.7 million rental units across the country.