Nancy Pelosi Calls Donald Trump A “Rogue President”

( In the lead-up to the Democrats’ day-long campaign event on January 6, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi sat down for a softball interview with the Associated Press in which she declared victory over the forces of darkness who tried to launch an “insurrection” to “overthrow our democracy.”

What a shock.

Pelosi used an interview to demagogue and make outlandish remarks, just like she always does.

Pelosi told the AP that nobody could imagine a president calling for an insurrection. Nobody still can imagine it since it has yet to happen.

But of course, the AP and every other American corporate media outlet will buy into Nancy’s claims that Donald Trump called for an “insurrection” in which not one single person has been charged with “insurrection.”

Pelosi said she believes that the American people have now been “alerted to the fact that there can be rogue presidents.”

Actually, the American people are a bit busy trying to figure out how to afford basic necessities to give a moment’s thought to a 3-hour riot that happened a year ago.

But the narrative must be preserved.

Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats in Congress and the White House have nothing else to run on in the midterm elections. So they’re running on a mirage that Donald Trump incited an insurrection and Republican members of Congress were complicit, therefore don’t vote for the Republicans because they are traitors and seditionists.

That’s it. That’s all they have.

That’s why Nancy Pelosi told the AP such ridiculous things like “democracy was on the brink of catastrophe.”

Then Pelosi pretended that the reason the Democrats were holding this day-long campaign event was for “remembrance and reconciliation.” She laughably compared this demagoguery over a three-hour riot to President Lincoln’s inaugural address when he said, “With malice toward none, with charity toward all.”

Yeah, she really did.

Pelosi claimed that holding this day-long campaign event was the Democrats’ attempt to “extend the hand of friendship” … by accusing the Republicans of being insurrectionists.

Nobody buys it. Not even the Associated Press.