Nancy Pelosi Claimed In 2005 That Challenging Electors Was OK!

( By now, nobody needs any more evidence that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a hypocrite, but it’s still always fun to see, right?

Video footage recently resurfaced from 2005 when a Younger Nancy Pelosi, then the House Minority Leader, said that the process of objecting to presidential electors from Ohio was simply “democracy at work.”

The release of the footage coincided with the news that roughly 100 Republican members of the House of Representatives and a dozen members of the Senate said that they would object to the Electoral College vote, on the grounds that the election appears to have been compromised by fraud and misconduct.

Pelosi and her Democratic Congressional colleagues have strongly opposed the idea that the election was compromised, dismissing shocking evidence of fraud. Democrats ignored CCTV footage showing ballot counters continuing to count votes, taken from a hidden box underneath a table cloth, after telling poll watchers and members of the press to go home.

Thousands of sworn affidavits from Republicans and Democrats were also ignored by the Democrats as they insisted that objecting to the Electoral College vote was unconstitutional.

But that’s not what Nancy Pelosi said back in 2005.

“Today we are witnessing democracy at work,” Pelosi can be heard saying in the video. “This debate is fundamental to our democracy,” she added.

Pelosi explained how she wished to use the ability to object to the results to highlight what she called “real problems” in the electoral system.

Which is exactly what Ted Cruz said when he announced that he and around a dozen other Senators would be objecting on January 6.

“The members of Congress who have brought this challenge are speaking up for their aggrieved constituents, many of whom may have been disenfranchised in this process,” Pelosi said. “This is their only opportunity to have this debate while the country is listening and it is appropriate to do so. If there were other venues of this caliber, we would have taken that opportunity.”

Heads up…Nancy Pelosi’s Twitter account is @SpeakerPelosi.

It would be a shame if people reminded her of her hypocrisy, wouldn’t it?