Nancy Pelosi Claims She “Eats At 5:30, Like A Peasant”

( House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is rich. Really rich. And she wants you to know that she’s rich.

During a recent interview that was clipped by the Republican Party and published on the official GOP YouTube, Pelosi laughed about her eating habits and compared herself to a “peasant.”

In the clip, which you can hear below, Pelosi says that her husband was born and raised in San Francisco but that she was born and raised in Baltimore.

“To this day, he likes to dine at 8 and I like to eat at 5:30, like a peasant,” she said.

Very little was given in the way of details about the interview. We’re assuming it’s recent, but it could be older.

But does it matter?

Nancy Pelosi is perhaps one of the most out-of-touch politicians in the country. That’s why the GOP Youtuber admins added a picture of Pelosi sitting in front of her astonishingly expensive refrigerators eating an ice cream, from a famous interview in which she showed off drawers full of her favourite, luxury ice creams.

Does Pelosi ever stop and think that the things she says and does might be offensive to the vast majority of working Americans?