Nancy Pelosi Extends Proxy Voting… Again

( In a sign that the strict COVID measures in the House were beginning to lift, early last month, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced that members of Congress would be permitted to go mask-free during President Biden’s first State of the Union Address.

Despite that, on Monday, the Speaker announced that the COVID-era proxy voting rule will be extended yet again through May 14.

These people have no reason not to show up to the Capitol and do their jobs.

House Democrats established proxy voting in May 2020 to allow members of the House to assign another lawmaker to cast their vote by proxy. It was ostensibly to enable lawmakers in quarantine with COVID to continue working during the height of the pandemic.

The House rule expired after 45 days. But Pelosi has extended the proxy vote rule every time it is set to expire.

To cast a proxy vote, House members must file with the Office of the House Clerk a letter that designates another member to vote on their behalf if they are “physically unable to attend proceedings in the House Chamber due to the ongoing public health emergency.”

There is no “ongoing public health emergency” anymore.

Lawmakers have been using the “temporary” proxy vote rule, not for a health emergency, but to take a vacation or attend other events out of town, including campaign events.

Republicans brought a lawsuit against proxy voting, arguing that the Constitution requires House members to be physically present to cast a vote. But the case was dismissed.

In March, an investigation by the Washington Free Beacon found that a large number of Democrat Senate and House offices remain closed down two years into the pandemic. No staff, nothing.

Two years after the lockdowns and still these people can’t be bothered to show up for their jobs.

Even though the Capitol physician rescinded the House mask mandate in late February.

Even though tourists, barred since March 2020, were last month once again allowed to visit the Capitol.