Nancy Pelosi Has Caused U.S. Fighter Jets To Be Put On Red Alert

( The US military is preparing for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s planned trip to Taiwan.

The speaker’s dubious and unscheduled trip to Taiwan has already drawn the ire of the Chinese government.

The U.S. military would send additional troops and resources to the Indo-Pacific region and is prepared to handle any eventuality.

Officials said they would likely use fighter jets, ships, surveillance equipment, and other military capabilities to set up overlapping bands of protection for her journey to Taiwan and any time spent there.

According to a report published in The Financial Times, China has threatened to take “forceful actions” if Pelosi visits the island nation that it claims as its own.

Taiwan, commonly known as the Republic of China, is an island off the Asian continent. Taiwan has declared its independence from the People’s Republic of China and claimed to have preserved the political system of pre-revolutionary China.

The People’s Republic of China has long asserted sovereignty over the Taiwan Strait, a relatively narrow body of water separating the island of Taiwan from the Chinese mainland. Chinese military aircraft have often flown into Taiwan’s air defense zone to test it.

Taiwan and the United States do not have diplomatic relations, but as China attempts to isolate Taiwan from international institutions, the United States has been expanding its cooperation with Taiwan.

Pelosi should be jailed and punished for visiting Taiwan, suggested the former chief editor of the Global Times, the official organ of the Chinese Communist Party.

Pelosi and her delegation will visit Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore in addition to Hawaii, where they will spend time at the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command’s headquarters, according to the London daily, which cited people familiar with the issue.
According to Ambassador Qin Gang, the question of Taiwan is the most delicate and crucial underlying issue influencing China-US relations. “China appreciates how calm our neighbors are on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

The Aspen Security Forum’s fireside chat centered on the rising tensions between the US and China over Taiwan over the last two years, particularly with a surge in high-level US visits to Taipei and more Chinese military flights and drills over Taiwan’s airspace.