Nancy Pelosi HEALTH Questions Dropped By Rand Paul…

( Dr. Rand Paul, the Republican Senator for Kentucky, asked on Friday whether far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi used monoclonal antibodies as part of her recovery from COVID-19.

If he’s right, and if Pelosi did take them, it blows a huge hole in the Democrat’s claim that Republicans were publishing dangerous lies about COVID-19 treatment, or that COVID treatments aren’t as effective as vaccines.

Paul, who is a medical doctor, told Sean Hannity that there was a possibility of a major double standard if Pelosi did receive the monoclonal antibody therapy – which helps the body fight viruses – whole restricting them for use among the general public.

She probably did, didn’t she?

“What’s even worse than that it’s not just production which is controlled by the government,” Paul said. “It’s also the fact that they’ve actually withdrawn the Sotrovimab. They withdrew it because they say it’s not working in the laboratory, but thousands of doctors across the country are saying — well, it still appears to be working in the clinical practice.”

The libertarian lawmaker also said that the first two monoclonal antibody treatments were withdrawn because they claimed they weren’t working in the lab, while at the same time, thousands of doctors were left with no treatment for COVID patients.

“So this is what’s going on now, and this is why it’s going to be a very important question for Nancy Pelosi,” he added.

Isn’t it interesting that an octogenarian like Pelosi can survive COVID, a disease the world was told was so deadly that we needed to destroy the global economy to protect ourselves from it?

Remember that the 95-year-old Queen of England also recently survived COVID…

No word from Pelosi on whether or not she received monoclonal antibody treatment. If she did, we should expect to never hear about it from her again…